Experimentations with cut outs and scanning. Using image of girl and name of chosen place. I like the background (scanner) and b/w version. It makes me think about collaboration of human and printing techniques. However all these experimentations look fashionable, what is not m purpose.


The art cutting board as a background of this illustration. B/W is nice again.



I think this try might be more relevant for our place.



b/w looks quite dirty

  Another attempt


This is just negative space of some cut outs. I found it interesting in terms of unusual space.These pictures was b/w photographs of printers from printmaking studio in LCC.


Todays Tuesday was divided on 2 parts: before lunch – InDesign workshop and after lunch – Illustrator workshop. With given briefs to try unknown things and practice them.

InDesign task – to design a typographic double-sided card promoting a lecture ‘Sorry Trees’ (book) at the Design Museum by Vince Frost*. Free to use any imagery, must use given text (size 164 mm x 164 mm). After making research about Frost design I found that his works are simple and font is always sans-serif. Thats why my first attempt of design with serif text and sans-serif text failed (inspired by Me Collectors brochure), but the second one was only sans-serif. This type of grid in the back of the card was inspired by Design Museum Membership card, I used 5 columns and lines under text. My purpose was not to repeat Frost* style and try to tell about artist as simple as possible. The main character I think should be an asterisk, because it is very recognisable thing about Frost.

Frost* logotype


cover of the book ‘Sorry Trees’



Example of Frost* work, I used this black lines in the back of card zembla_015_850_0

Design Museum Membership cards


Imagery is a png picture of tree from the Internet. I cut it diagonal to make impression of cutting tree.


There are 2 versions of cards. First is black and white and another one is colored and a little bit changed.

Scannable Document 2-1Scannable Document

I prefer second one more because of asterisk in the middle and usage of only sans-serif typeface.


Works of others.



Illustrator workshop. The task was to make some pictorial sign for one of contemporary messages, the style should be the same, so it looks like a series of icons. This workshop was usefull for me because I didn’t know about outline view before (cmnd+y).

‘date rape drug risk’



Close-up. There is smile face on the pill in the bottom of glass, which means acid pill.

Снимок экрана 2015-02-24 в 23.45.15



‘environmental art area’

icon4 icon5

These are works of others that I liked. First one was done by Saci and second one Berrun. First one attracted me in terms of visual contrast between hand, pills and glass. The second one is just unusual (‘conserve water’), you can clearly see that slopping or waisting water is prohibited.


‘date rape drug risk’



‘conserve water’



Before starting any project it is useful to define terminology: /

Key names and works from the lecture: 

John Berger ‘Ways of seeing’ 1972

Jan Tschichold film posters

◕ Cornel Windlin for Daniel Libeskind 1994

◕ Armin Hofmann

◕ Ralph Schraivogel

◕ SMA catalogue 472 Wim Crouwel 1970

◕ Typecon 2007 poster Marian Bantjes

◕ Graphic objects Mira Schendel 1967

◕ Spatial concept expectation Lucio Fontana

◕ Poster AG (Angiolo Giuseppe) Fronzoni Fontana 1966

img013 copyf

Notes: To make a research definitions of typography, what other authors think; “What is Typography?” by Peter Biľak; First try to make layouts in a catalogue way with kind of review of some chosen works (interesting to my mind) Ralph Schraivogel, Armin Hofmann and AG Fronzoni.


Ralph Schraivogel



Woody Allen Filmpodium, 1998

Using information of poster as the names of streets is clever decision. Without any knowledges about this event we can guess that this is a movie which somehow connected with streets or city or may be there is more deep meaning about regimentation. Typography is readable despite the inscription in the center is reversed.

SchraivogelRalph_Plakate  poster for a solo show, 1998

Plakate, Poster for a solo show, 1998

Good example of visual complexity. Interaction of type and imagery is mess. Reader is lost in getting information from poster. However I can guess that it is done for special purpose – it is magnetizing. And yellow color looks like warning yellow ribbon. I didn’t notice a hand in middle from the first sight. It is poster for personal show so the author tried to make in his signature style.

SchraivogelRalph_poster for the Museum of Design Zurich, 2011

Poster for the Museum of Design Zurich, 2011

Personally like this poster. Composition of illustration and text is harmonious, a chosen font is handsome. 2 letters combined in really creative logo: its shape is volumetric, black and white feel like magnet and it looks dynamic. I think it is succesful poster for an art exhibition. I don’t know who is this artist but this poster makes a strong feeling about the seriousness of the his works.


Layout of catalogue (first try)


Armin Hofmann

Armin Hofmann (Swiss, born 1920)  Kunsthalle Basel, Maurice Esteve, Malerie, Berto Lardera Ausstellung Eidgenossisches by Hofmann, Armin | Vintage Posters at International Poster Gallery Junge Hollandische Bildhauer